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3D Printers, Automation Equipment and Software

Evolve your Shop into a Factory of the Future with RapidMade

Creating products, improving your operations, simplifying your supply chains in today’s business environment requires a new way of thinking. RapidMade offers a suite of equipment, software and support services to help you simplify your business and remain competitive.

Digital Manufacturing 2.0 is the combination of additive and traditional manufacturing technologies with advances in materials and data management software techniques that enable you to create, produce and support a broader range of SKUs without having to leave the US.

If you need to reduce your dependency on high cost labor, produce a greater range of products and components in a shorter period of time or simply ensure that your supply chains are protected from geopolitical issues then consider some of the options RapidMade can offer you.

RapidMade|Production 3D Printers, Automation Equipment & Software

High Speed Metal 3D Printers

316L and 17-4 stainless steel printing solutions for production grade parts, printed at speed using powder bed array technology and commercial sintering technology. Tungsten, copper and ceramics are also available.

The Studio, Shop, InnoventX and Production systems give you a range of capacities matched to your production needs at the best price point. Add the broadest range of materials in the industry and you will find a solution to suit your requirements.

RapidMade|Production 3D Printers, Automation Equipment & Software

High Speed Plastic Printing

 Engineered ABS, Polypropylene and Elastomer solutions for production grade parts, printed at speed using DLP array technology. Medical grade and high temperature materials are also available. 

The Xtreme 8K is the fastest, largest high speed polymer printer in the world. The EOne and PK4 are capable of producing polymer parts fast and small parts at ultra high resolution

RapidMade|Production 3D Printers, Automation Equipment & Software

Specialty Equipment

Looking for a solution to print wood grain products? Ask us about the Forust, built on the same platform as our Shop Printers, this technology will help you create a range of natural material wood products at speed. 

Do you work with sheet metal components? Ask us about the Figur, the only no tooling technology for creating sheet metal forms. Ideal for 10Ga Aluminum or 14Ga Steel parts up. Are you engaged in developing and creating biomedical materials, ask us about our Bioplotter medical material plotters.

RapidMade|Production 3D Printers, Automation Equipment & Software

Collaborative Robots

Flexible,fast setup, automation solutions capable of working with your production team completing repetitive tasks reliably and repeatedly. Easy to use and fully supported by our engineering team with tooling and changeover solutions. 

Whatever your situation or application, modern Cobots can be deployed. These little workhorses can operate machines, finish and inspect parts, weld or paint without taking a break.

RapidMade|Production 3D Printers, Automation Equipment & Software

Data Management and Workflow Software

Easily configurable data management and workflow software solutions that can be adapted quickly to your specific production and operations needs. The software solutions are highly customizable and supported by our trained local engineering team. 

If you need to improve your business processes, improve data flow or management, speed up production operations, respond to customers faster or simply increase the efficiency of your operations our data management and workflow solutions can help. They are customized to your needs and built on our 15 years of experience working in a fast paced digital manufacturing environment.

RapidMade|Production 3D Printers, Automation Equipment & Software

Engineering, Materials and Support Services

echnical and service support for the equipment we provide. Materials and production system development for your applications. Engineering solutions to support the implementation, integration and ongoing support of your production needs. Our systems are designed to be simple to deploy, operate and maintain. But when you need extra help we can provide a full range of technical support services. Need more help to develop a product, material or production system give us a call to arrange a consultation.

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