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Industrial Finishing

RapidMade offers a variety of custom finishing options to product aesthetics and durability. Click on any option below to learn more.

Standard Finishes

Green knurled nuts and colored router

Dyed Plastic Finish

  • Standard dyes include black, red, blue, green, purple and orange

  • Standard dyes add 10% to the price per part

  • Custom dye colors available upon request

  • Opaque colors available with white SLA 

  • Translucent colors available in clear SLA

  • SLS Nylon and Multi Jet Fusion available in black dye

3D printed human heart prototype close-up

Sanding, Media Blasting and Clear Coating

  • Gives parts an improved tactile quality, more like a consumer product

  • Parts can have matte, flat, satin, semi gloss and gloss finish

  • Media blasting clear SLA allows for the diffusion of light in light pipes and diffusers

  • Available for most RapidMade material offerings

Powder coating of metal parts in factory

Custom Painted Finish

  • Custom colors available on request with a variety of finishes, from matte and satin to gloss and clear coat

  • Gloss paint available for certain geometries, parts and materials at additional cost

  • Multi-colored painted finishes also available via assembly

  • Available for almost all RapidMade material offerings

Man working with screw gun at assembly line

Assembly, Solvent Bonding and Heat Stake inserts 

  •  Design, test and create assemblies, drawings and instructions – experience using a wide range of components and hardware
  • 3D printed plastic inserts can be solvent bonded into thermoformed components to create otherwise impossible parts that would have required injection molding or machining
  • Installation of a wide range of metric and imperial heat stake threaded inserts into printed and machined plastic components

Specialty Finishes

Shot of cylindrical steel pipes

Metal Plating

  • Adds strength and rigidity to plastic parts while creating an elegant, metal-like appearance

  • Great for surface conductivity and electromagnetic interference (EMI) applications

  • Improves the appearance and finish of metal products

  • Give parts gold and silver appearance

Craftsman during sanding of a crystal ashtrays

Metal and Plastic Polishing

  • Amplifies the appearance of secondary finishes like anodizing, silk screen, plating and powder coating

  • Creates a lower coefficient of friction, making parts more resistant to abrasion

  • Makes parts easier to clean by eliminating micro-pores in metal surfaces

Powder coating of metal parts

Powder Coating

  • Protects metals from scratches, rust, and corrosion

  • Hides scratches and imperfections on the substrate

  • Smaller environmental impact than other coating processes

  • Inexpensive and permanent

Aluminum Machined Parts by CNC Machine


  • Prevents corrosion of aluminum components

  • More resistant to wear from handling and use

  • More aesthetically pleasing finish with many color options

  • Creates substantially harder parts than unfinished aluminum

Laser Marking Machine Engraving

Laser Engraving

  • Allows for exciting branding opportunities on traditionally manufactured parts

  • Simple to create; can be done directly from a PDF

  • Less expensive than CNC engraving

  • Engraved part and serial numbers comply with standards and improve tracking

  • Great option for custom alterations of mass produced goods.