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Reverse Engineering & 3D Scanning

3D scanners creates mesh models by capturing every segment of a part from different angles that can be merged into a single digital recreation. We capture millions of points to create a mesh which can then be converted into a 3D surface, accurate within 0.001″. From there we can reverse engineer into a solid model or even a detailed drawing, including call outs and tolerances

RapidMade runs desktop and handheld scanners. Our desktop systems are great for high detailed, small parts – up to about 10″ cube.

Our handheld systems can scan up to 3′ cube or more!

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How It Works

3D scans start at $250.

CAD Design services at $130 per hour

Reverse Engineering at $195 per hour

Volume discounts available.

Rusted metallic car parts.

Step 1

Images of the part are submitted via email and evaluated. A preliminary price is quoted to the customer based on the images provided. The client then sends the physical part. If it differs from the original photo, the price may be adjusted.

3D modeling - Scanning a complex metal part

Step 2

The part is measured with precision tools to accurately capture it’s shape and size. We used a 3D scanner to create a mech and other tools like CMM or even gauges and calipers to confirm precise measurements. This information is used to create a 3D model of the part using DesignX, SolidWorks and other CAD programs.

3D Scanning Services

Step 3

The completed 3D CAD file is then sent to the client or used by RapidMade to manufacture the part for them. Customers review the data and make sure the geometric capture includes all necessary details. If moving into production RapidMade will create a first article for fit and approval before making the full run of parts. If adjustments need to be made we can iterate as much as needed.

RapidMade|Reverse Engineering & 3D Scanning

Feeling Shafted by your OEMs? The Power of 3D Scanning and Printing Services in Equipment Maintenance

The Costs of New Equipment: Beyond the Sticker Price

Buying Industrial equipment often comes with a catch: you are entering into a monopoly market for spare parts run by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). This monopoly leads to overpricing, limited inventory, and planned obsolescence, pushing companies to replace equipment prematurely. Additionally the user base is often forced into a long term relationship where the OEM is unresponsive and unaccountable after the purchase. What are you going to do? Shut down your $500,000 dollar investment because the manufacturer is always on backorder? RapidMade’s 3D scanning and printing services challenge this norm by enabling businesses an unprecedented out – by digitizing and producing their own spare parts.

This shift is a practical step towards independence from OEMs. It allows companies to replicate parts that are either too expensive, or unavailable breaking free from the shackles of predatory OEM behavior. When OEMs stop supporting equipment, businesses can still keep their machinery running for years, bypassing forced upgrades.

The benefits are clear: significant cost savings, more flexible inventories and greater control over equipment maintenance. With RapidMade’s precise 3D scanning and printing, businesses extend the lifespan of their machinery in a cost-effective and flexible manner, reducing waste and the environmental impact associated with manufacturing new equipment.

Not only does 3D scanning lower the barriers for digitizing your spare part inventory – 3D printing technology greatly reduces costs and lead times for part manufacturing since machine part volumes are typically very low and often failures are unpredictable.

RapidMade is focused on providing this empowering solution, helping businesses maintain their equipment more efficiently and economically, free from the restrictions of OEM part monopolies.

RapidMade|Reverse Engineering & 3D Scanning

Breaking Free with 3D Technology

Gaining Independence through 3D Scanning

The advent of 3D scanning technology offers a pivotal shift for businesses struggling with OEM dependencies. By digitizing and replicating their own spare parts, companies can effectively break free from the shackles of OEM monopolies. 3D scanning provides a detailed and accurate digital blueprint of parts, even those that are obsolete or unique to specific equipment. This process ensures precision in replication, essential for the seamless functioning of machinery. It’s a gateway to self-sufficiency, allowing businesses to maintain their equipment independently, free from the constraints of OEM pricing and limited availability. RapidMade harnesses this technology to empower businesses, turning a once-captive market into one where freedom and choice prevail. RapidMade parts are certified! This means that we can produce an approved drawing up front of the specifications of your parts and we will make them to that drawing. We can then produce a certificate of conformance to say all product we make complies with the specifications we create at the outset of the project.

The Advantages of 3D Printing in Spare Parts Manufacturing

Complementing 3D scanning, 3D printing brings a transformative approach to manufacturing spare parts. It’s not just about creating parts more affordably; it’s about redefining the entire production process. 3D printing allows for on-demand manufacturing, meaning parts are produced exactly when needed, in the exact quantity required. This approach significantly reduces costs associated with storage and inventory management. 3D printing technology caters to low-volume, customized part production without the need for expensive tooling or setup, a common barrier in traditional manufacturing. For businesses, this means when an OEM discontinues a part or ceases support for specific equipment, they can still keep their machinery operational, bypassing forced upgrades and the associated costs. RapidMade specializes in leveraging this technology, offering businesses not just savings in cost and time but also an unprecedented level of manufacturing flexibility.

RapidMade|Reverse Engineering & 3D Scanning

Section 3: Practical Benefits of the Shift

Cost Savings and Flexible Inventories

The transition to 3D scanning and printing heralds significant financial advantages for businesses. One of the most compelling benefits is the dramatic reduction in costs. Instead of being at the mercy of OEMs’ pricing strategies who rarely make parts in house and often mark their parts up 6 to 10 times their value, companies can produce necessary parts at a fraction of the cost. Not only are you cutting a costly middle man out but the economics of making parts via 3D printing vs machining or other traditional technologies is a substantially lower cost. This change in the supply chain leads to more than just direct savings on parts; it also reduces costs associated with delays and equipment downtime. 3D printed parts can be made in days, or even overnight. Additionally, 3D technology introduces a level of inventory flexibility previously unattainable. Businesses can produce parts on demand, eliminating the need for large inventories and storage spaces, which further cuts down overhead costs. This flexibility is particularly advantageous in managing the unpredictability of part failures and the need for replacements, ensuring a more efficient and lean operation. If you used to wait 4 to 12 weeks for overseas part suppliers to dock at your shop you can now often have shipments in next week. If customers require tight tolerances parts can also be machined or post machined the old fashioned way – we have a full service machine shop.

Extended Equipment Lifespan and Environmental Impact

Beyond financial savings on parts service, the use of 3D scanning and printing for part replication positively impacts equipment lifespan and the environment. By enabling the production of parts for older or discontinued machinery, RapidMade’s services allow businesses to extend the usable life of their equipment. This extension is not just a cost and time/energy-saving measure but also aligns with sustainable practices. Longer equipment lifespans mean less waste generated from discarding old machinery and reduced environmental impact from manufacturing new equipment. Moreover, 3D printing itself is often more environmentally friendly compared to traditional manufacturing processes, as it minimizes waste by using only the necessary material to build a part. In essence, this approach dovetails financial prudence with ecological responsibility, presenting a win-win scenario for businesses and the environment alike.

RapidMade|Reverse Engineering & 3D Scanning

RapidMade’s Role in Empowering Businesses

Our Approach to 3D Scanning and Printing

RapidMade stands at the forefront of industrial innovation with our advanced 3D scanning and printing services. Our approach is rooted in understanding each client’s unique needs. We begin with precise 3D scanning to capture detailed specifications of parts, ensuring that every detail is accurately replicated. Our state-of-the-art 3D printing technology then brings these digital models to life, using a range of materials to suit diverse industrial applications. We work with a wide range of plastics and metals. This process not only ensures the production of high-quality, reliable parts but also offers quick turnarounds and low costs, whether it’s for a single prototype or a small batch of components. Our expertise in these technologies positions us as a key player in revolutionizing how businesses approach equipment maintenance and part production. RapidMade can even redesign your components to improve their durability or add other critical features.

Why Choose RapidMade

Choosing RapidMade means opting for a partner committed to your business’s efficiency and success. Our solutions are designed to give you control over your equipment maintenance, free from the constraints and high costs of OEMs. For RapidMade, accountability and service guide us every day. If you need to talk to our team any time, day or night we make ourselves available. With RapidMade, you gain access to a world of possibilities in manufacturing – faster turnaround times, cost savings, and the flexibility to produce what you need when you need it. We are not just a service provider; we are a strategic ally in your journey towards greater operational autonomy and financial stability.


RapidMade’s 3D scanning and printing services offer a powerful solution to the challenges imposed by OEM monopolies. By choosing us, businesses not only enjoy significant cost savings and enhanced flexibility in their inventories but also contribute to a more sustainable manufacturing landscape. Our commitment to precision, quality, and client-specific solutions makes us an ideal partner for companies looking to break free from the limitations of traditional equipment maintenance and part sourcing.

Are you ready to take control of your equipment maintenance and spare part sourcing? Contact RapidMade or fill out our quote form today to discover how our 3D scanning and printing services can transform your business operations, reduce costs, and elevate your manufacturing processes. Let’s redefine what’s possible together.