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Interactive 3D Marketing

Inspire your customers and design teams with 3D displays, marketing and promotions.


Architectural Models

  • Manufacturing in as little as 24 hours means more time to perfect your designs.

  • Embedded textures can simulate building materials like brick, stone and wood.

  • High-resolution details allow for the creation of realistic windows, doors, beams, facades and other important visual design elements.

  • Prints are designed directly from your BIM models.

3d printed sales model full color-pump cutaway


  • Customize marketing materials with logos and designs.

  • Achieve the exact effects you desire with a full spectrum of colors and finishes.

  • Get concept models in front of customers early in the product development cycle to get feedback.

  • Get tangible products in your customers hands instead of a computer image.

Red Bull - Guest House Miami


  • Make an original promotional giveaway your customer has never seen before.

  • Whether you’ve got a description, a doodle, or a full CAD file, our design and manufacturing services can develop your product from start to finish.

  • Cater giveaways or gifts to specific customers with custom messaging.

  • Make your promotional products in a week or less.

3D Printed Sales Display


  • Draw customers into your store with custom retail displays.

  • Stand out at your next trade show with eye-catching models.

  • Make your branding memorable by creatively demonstrating your concepts.

  • Lean on our design team to come up with a solution that will satisfy your customers and fit your budget.

3D Printed Artifact Replica


  • Permanently store geometric and color data for priceless artifacts and works of art with 3D scanning technology.

  • Use digital object data to engage visitors online with interactive web exhibits.

  • Create to-scale or re-scale replicas that let your visitors safely interact with priceless artifacts without endangering the original piece.

  • Create complimentary pieces for your exhibit from object data scanned by other museums around the world.