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Portland 3D Printing Services

Portland's Best 3D Printing Company

RapidMade offers a wide range of 3D printing services to ensure that you always have the right solution for your project. Whether your business needs parts, prototypes or consumer products, 3D metal and plastic printing can add value throughout product development and production.

Don’t fall for imitators! Many of the top search results for Portland 3D printing are not even located in town! They are shops hundreds of miles away and put up fake pages claiming that they are in every city to trick customers into thinking they are working with someone local.

At RapidMade you can meet our team, put a face to your order, and pick up your order in our will call!

Our 30,000 square foot manufacturing facillity is located at:

12141 SW Herman Rd. Tualatin OR 97062

Visits by appointment only. Due to the sensitive nature of RapidMade customers’ intellectual property all visitors must sign a visitor agreement. No photography allowed on the production floor.

RapidMade|Portland Oregon 3D Printing Services
Our brand new 30,000 sq ft facility is located just south of the city off i5

PDX local service you can trust

Meet Your 3D Printing Sales Specialist

RapidMade|Portland Oregon 3D Printing Services

Andrew LaPlant

3D Printing Sales Specialist

Hi! I’m Andrew and I live and breathe 3D printing. You’ve never met a more excited person about customer service in your entire life! When I get up in the morning my goal is to help my customers realize their products in record time and with industry leading quality. 

Over the years I have impressed my customers, teammates and bosses with my infectious attitude, hustle and commitment. I will work hard to earn your satisfaction. Let’s start a conversation today about the ways in which one of our many 3D printing services is probably your best solution for quick turn or small batch manufacturing. 

I am honest to a fault – if I don’t feel that our services are the right fit for your project I will recommend a solution that is. But you better believe my team and I will try to come up with a creative idea to solve your problems first.

Got a question? You can reach me with the chat feature on the bottom right of this page, via email at or by phone at (971) 727 3403.

Portland's largest service bureau with the most 3D print technologies

Want to learn how to design your products to get the most out of 3D printing? Check out our Design for Additive Manufacturing Guide for an in-depth look at the unique capabilities of 3D printing. We even offer 3D Printing for Prototyping to help with product testing!

Highlighted 3D Print Technologies

3D Printing Technology HP Multi Jet Fusion

HP Multi Jet Fusion

The HP Multi Jet Fusion is the fastest, most cost effective plastic printing solution on the market. It offers superior mechanical strength, surface finish and detail. It is the best option for 3D printed parts and prototypes where cost, mechanical and thermal properties are important. Jet Fusion supports Nylon 12 (PA) and 90A TPU elastomer.

SLA 3D Printing

High Speed SLA (Stereolithography)

High speed SLA offers the best surface finish and feature resolution of any 3D printing technology. It has a wide array of engineering grade plastics available like Digital ABS, polypropylene and Acrylic. Due the the exceptional print speeds it is often used as a replacement for injection molding for small part manufacturing.

RapidMade|Portland Oregon 3D Printing Services

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

FDM produces inexpensive and durable 3D printed plastic parts with very high accuracy in a wide range of materials. It is well-suited for medium and large parts, less effective for fine details. It has the highest accuracy and repeatability of any 3D printing process but also the worst surface finish.

RapidMade|Portland Oregon 3D Printing Services

Direct Metal Printing

One of the best option for prototyping and production runs of high-quality 3D printed metal parts. It is a great choice for orders that are too large to be machined but not large enough to justify the expense of metal injection molding. Available for a variety of stainless steels and alloys.