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We provide all engineering, design, and product manufacturing services at our location in Portland, OR. Our team is large enough to handle complex and fast-production orders but small enough to maintain a customer and quality-focused approach.

The RapidMade Difference

RapidMade distinguishes itself in custom manufacturing by combining traditional methods with the latest advancements in 3D printing, machining, and thermoforming. Our instant quote feature for 3D printing allows clients to swiftly estimate costs for a range of printing technologies, including Jet Fusion, High Speed SLA, Filament Extrusion, and Direct Metal, compatible with most CAD file formats. In contrast, the custom manufacturing quote caters to larger or specialty orders, offering a comprehensive solution within 24 hours. This service encompasses diverse manufacturing methods, ensuring the most suitable approach for each project, whether it involves plastic, metal, or composite materials.

The thermoforming and vacuum forming services by RapidMade highlight the efficient and cost-effective nature of these technologies. Thermoforming, suitable for custom trays, packaging, panels, and housings, provides a rapid and inexpensive alternative to injection molding or machining. RapidMade’s capabilities extend to handling large part sizes, with a maximum bed size of 132″ x 58″, and an extensive range of thermoforming plastics like PETG, HIPS, ABS, PC, and Acrylic. Notably, RapidMade integrates 3D printed tooling with thermoforming, offering durable molds in less than 48 hours at reduced costs, using materials like Nylon PA-12 which is ideal for thermoforming due to its high-temperature resistance and compatibility with complex shapes.

This comprehensive approach, covering everything from rapid prototyping to full-scale production, positions RapidMade as a versatile and efficient partner in custom manufacturing, catering to a broad spectrum of industrial needs while maintaining quality and cost-effectiveness.

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