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Specialty Production Equipment: Figur and Forust

Figur and Forust offer unique opportunities for manufacturers working with sheet metal and wood products.

Digital Manufacturers and Product Managers of the future have to think differently about the materials and technologies they employ. We are excited to offer specialty technology that provides new opportunities and significant benefits to you. 

Sheet Metal manufacturers need ways to eliminate tooling costs, reduce setup times and eliminate barriers to tool less mass customization. The DM Figur G15 is the first commercially available technology to address this need. Manufacturers working with natural engineered wood products need solutions that enable them to produce custom components at production scale without special tooling. 

The DM Forust is the first 3D production scale printer specifically designed to work with recycled wood.

Equipment We Offer

RapidMade|Specialty Production Equipment: Figur and Forust

Figur G15

The Figur sheet metal forming machine is the first commercially available platforming that brings the benefits of 3D printing to the sheet metal forming industry. The technology eliminates the need for traditional tooling, dies and stamping presses allowing you to use the latest digital technologies to convert 3D files into finished parts on demand. T

he technology works with Aluminum and Steel, and has a maximum sheet size capacity of 63” x 47” and a maximum draw height of 15.7”. Other materials are also possible within the forming capacity of the platform. A software driven ceramic tool moves across the surface of the sheet creating the three dimensional shape of the finished part. 

The costs and time to produce tooling for traditional sheet forming systems is high, making it difficult and expensive to create custom sheet metal parts quickly. The Figur requires no specialized tooling, it only requires a digital file. Switching from part to part is as simple as loading a new part file without the need for minimum order quantities, new tooling or costly setups. Cost effective, digital manufacturing at scale has finally arrived for sheet metal parts.

RapidMade|Specialty Production Equipment: Figur and Forust


The Forust is the first production grade machine available for printing wood grain components. Built on the reliable DM Shop technology, this 3D printer uses lignin resins and wood waste byproducts to create functional wood components, automotive interiors and accessories, architectural pieces and specialized lightweight components. The unique binderjet technology converts the wood byproducts into a digitally remastered wood product that has consistent engineering and material properties at production scale speeds. 

The finished material has a Flexural Strength of 90MPa and a Flexural Modulus of 2.3 GPa. Densities can be modified to produce higher densities for engineered products. The final parts can be finished using traditional secondary processes. Part sizes up to 16”. Unlike other recycled wood products, the Forust produces parts with consistent homogeneous material properties allowing greater uses and increased design flexibility. Time to start producing custom and engineered wood products from digital files at scale.

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