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Collaborative Robots

Supplement Your Workforce for $5/Hour

Our family of collaborative robots offers a wide range of options for maximum efficiency and versatility.

Our cobots are designed to work alongside your team and replace repetitive tasks. The devices are easily programmed and set up, making changeovers and implementation as simple as possible. Tooling can be designed and quickly built to suit your application. Machine vision and other inspection capabilities can be incorporated into the cobot.

The robots can be used for welding, painting, machine tending, loading and unloading, inspection, finishing, deburring, de-powdering, cleaning, assembly, packaging. With payloads in the 8kg (17lbs) these workhorses will run 24/7 and provide a return on investment in months.

Robots We Offer

RapidMade|OB7 Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

OB7 Family: General Purpose Helpers

A simple self learning, no programming cobot designed to deliver unmatched productivity, accuracy and safety. Our cobots are fully complaint with ISO 10218-1 work safety requirements. 

We offer a range of 7 Axis robots with payloads in the 5-12kg (11-26lbs) range and a maximum reach up to 51 ins. Depending on your application we can help you select the right robot to meet your payload, reach and production needs. All robots can be fitted to with sensors to run at high speeds when operators are not present and slow to safe speeds when operators are present.

RapidMade|OB7 Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Blaze Duo and LF: Welding

A complete range of single and dual station welding solutions. The Blaze welding station uses single or multiple OB7 robots.

Ideal for a Mig and wire feed welding in a variety of welding modes; continuous, spot, stitch or weave. The system includes wire feed, fume extraction, lighting and catch trays. Overall table size is 48” x 48”. Wire diameters from 0.035 -5/64”. Feed speeds up to 1,000 ins/min.

RapidMade|OB7 Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

OBVision: Intelligent Inspection

Add on vision package for product inspection and detection which can be completely integrated into the robot control and learning systems.

Our robotic vision is built on a self learning, no programming approach. We can detect parts from 25mm (1”) to 200mm (8”) over a 12” to 18” area. Response detection times are approximately 1 second. Great for random picking and part recognition.

RapidMade|OB7 Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

PG2 Gripper System: Efficient and Versatile

A complete 2 finger grip system that can be fully integrated into the robot control and learning systems.

The standard grippers have a travel range of 92mm (3.5”) and a gripping force of 140N. The standard range can be extended to 175mm (7”). It can also be configured to ‘light touch’ for delicate products. All OB7 models support dual gripper arrangements which helps speed up multi-task operations

RapidMade|OB7 Collaborative Robots (Cobots)

Tooling & System Design

Engineered solutions and applications to meet your specific needs. The OB7 cobot range is designed to work with many out of the box solutions.

For your custom or more complex operations, our engineering team can adapt, add to  or modify the existing configurations as well as designing specialty components for you. We also support a range of standard available grippers from our other 3rd parties.

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