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AM Forward Initiative Drives the Adoption of 3D Printing

June 22, 2022
Parts Consolidation for Additive Manufacturing

From prototyping to industrial-strength parts and products, additive manufacturing (AM) offers an innovative solution for accelerating production timelines and keeping costs low amid rising inflation and supply shortages. 

 Now, a new government initiative, the AM Forward program, is helping drive widespread adoption of 3D printing technology – a feat that will benefit countless businesses across the U.S. 

What Is AM Forward?

One of the most effective ways to reduce the cost of goods is to expand production in America, which requires stability and efficiency within the supply chain network. We learned this lesson the hard way during the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses and consumers became all too familiar with the fragility of supply chains and the far-reaching impacts of disruptions and delays (we’re looking at you, toilet paper). And the effects can still be felt – from bottlenecks to backlogs to higher prices across the board. 

AM Forward is poised to help decrease costs for families and businesses alike by creating high-paying manufacturing jobs, improving the competitiveness of small to medium-sized manufacturers, and strengthening supply chain resilience. All of this is made possible through the increased adoption of additive manufacturing. 

Launched in early May, AM Forward seeks to encourage the uptake of 3D printing by small and mid-sized enterprises. The goal? To help secure supply chains and recharge the manufacturing industry. 

We are at a critical inflection point where the use of 3D printing will play an integral role in addressing key supply chain challenges while also providing a sustainable long-term solution from an economic perspective.  

Heavy-hitters in the industry, like Lockheed Martin, GE Aviation, Raytheon and Honeywell are among the initial participants in the new initiative. 3D Printing Industry News reports, “Additive manufacturing has long held the potential to de-risk supply chains and enable new innovations. With manufacturing reshoring already accelerating as a result of the historic supply chain disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the AM Forward initiative is a timely and progressive approach to modernizing our nation’s outdated manufacturing infrastructure with cutting-edge technologies that will help ensure that the work stays here for the long-term.”

What Are the Benefits of Additive Manufacturing?

From medical supplies and automotive parts to everything in between, additive manufacturing is cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and delivers faster turnaround times compared with traditional methods. 3D printing allows businesses to significantly reduce the time and costs associated with collecting and cleaning waste like shavings and cooling fluids. 

On the factory floor, productivity and operations are disrupted whenever a broken part needs to be replaced. By leveraging 3D printed tools, however, replacement parts can be produced within hours and they’re cheaper to make. 

With this technology, designers and engineers can also create digital renderings of items that can later be 3D-printed into functional prototypes. This offers a convenient and cost-effective solution for evaluating products and testing functionality. This streamlines the production process and can accelerate speed-to-market. 

As technology advances, 3D printing will continue to revolutionize how goods are manufactured and produced. To learn more about how the experts at RapidMade can help your business leverage all the benefits that 3D printing has to offer, contact our team today.

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