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3D Printing for Rapid Prototypes

March 28, 2022
3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping with 3D printing is a great way to get projects off of paper, and get your design ready and first to market. Increasingly convenient and efficient methods for producing the iterations of your product design are available. If you’re considering using rapid prototyping for your next design or project, there are a few considerations to keep in mind to ensure you’re successful and up to date with the evolution of prototyping technologies.

The 3D Prototype Process Begins with your Digital Model

The goal is faster manufacturing. The process of rapid prototyping starts with using computer-aided design (CAD) to create a digital model of an object. This model is not just a 3D drawing. It’s a virtual representation of the entire piece, rendered in 3D space on your computer. If you are in the beginning stages and need help bringing it to the next phase, our engineers can assist in creating the CAD no matter what phase of product development your team is in.

From there, the model is sent to a printer or machine that uses specialized software to slice it into layers and print those layers to produce a physical object. The time this takes depends on the size and complexity of the design, but in general, RapidMade can have your prototype available to you within 2-5 business days. If you’re looking for information on the variety of options available, our 5-minute buyer’s guide is a great resource.

Manufacturing Costs and Time Savings with Rapid Prototypes.

3D Printing, also known as additive manufacturing, will save on production costs due to the nature of the way 3D printing functions and adapts to improved and streamlined technologies. Prototypes can be created rapidly and printed using technology that conserves space and materials and requires no molds or tooling.

If you’re interested in learning more about the materials available, we offer a range of plastics, metals, and composites to create durable, detailed, cost-effective prototypes of your designs, and we would be happy to assist you with the product design and engineering.

3D Printing Technologies for your Prototype and Beyond

RapidMade offers printing capabilities for virtually any industry. We offer a full spectrum of 3D printing technologies from the featured HP Multi Jet Fusion, High-Speed SLA, and several other plastic and metal 3D printing options that will help with your product testing and save you cost and time while your design evolves. We can assist with the manufacturing of your full-scale design once you have perfected the prototype using our available technologies.

3D printing technology is constantly improving, which means that the prototypes you can make today are even better than those made just a few years ago. This allows them to be even closer to final products than ever before. Reach out to RapidMade today for a quote to help get your rapid prototype production off the ground.

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