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Production Metal 3D Printers

Metal 3D Printing is Revolutionary for Manufacturers

We offer a complete range of High Speed powder based array printers for metal. From the entry point DM Studio to the small batch DM Shop System we can provide a turnkey solution for producing MIM quality metal printed parts.

316L, 304L and 17-4PH stainless steel are the workhorse metals for many industries we serve but we also offer a range of tool steels, ceramics, tungsten, inconel  and copper to name a few.

Our complete solution includes the DM Live Sintering software combined with state of the art Sintering ovens that assure parts are printed to specification every time.

All materials can be post processed using traditional machining, heat treatment and finishing techniques.

Metal 3D Printers We Offer

RapidMade|Production Metal 3D Printers

Studio System

Low volume production (1-100 parts) metal printer system. Runs a range of stainless steel, tool steel, titanium and copper materials. Parts are 98% dense. Ideal for small shops, tooling, replacement parts, high customization, quick-turn development and prototyping. Our systems utilize bound deposition materials,debinding and sintering components that are common in metal injection molding. 

They are easy to use and are a cost effective alternative to traditional metal injection molding or machining technologies. Ideal part sizes are the size of a softball and the printers have capacity to produce multiple custom parts at the same time.

RapidMade|Production Metal 3D Printers

Shop System

Mid range volume production (100-1,000 parts) metal powder bed system. Primarily used for production parts, replacing machined and Metal Injection Molding applications. Materials include a range of stainless steels, tool steel, cobalt chrome and nickel alloys. 

These systems use binder deposition technology to produce multiple parts at the same time. Eliminating lasers means we can produce more parts faster at much lower cost with less post processing. Ideal parts are about the size of a softball, complex parts are simple to produce. The systems are scalable to match your cost and demand requirements.

RapidMade|Production Metal 3D Printers

Production Systems

The P1, P50, X25Pro and X160Pro are very high volume, large scale versions of the Shop and InnoventX platforms. For those customers that need to produce large quantities of parts at scale and at the most cost effective price point.

These systems can run the full range of standard materials or can be adapted to run your specific materials. If you need to replace a machined, metal injection molded or die cast part and need to produce 100,000 to 500,000 parts annually ask us about these systems.

RapidMade|Production Metal 3D Printers

InnoventX System

Supports a wide range of materials including metals and ceramics, including stainless steel, aluminum, tungsten, silicon and boron carbides, and alumina Low to mid range volume production (1-1,000 parts) metal powder bed systems. Ideal for speciality material applications and development. 

These specialty binder deposition metal printers have unique layering and material control technologies that enable complex materials such as ceramics to be precisely produced. The ideal part is about the size of a softball, multiple custom parts can be made simultaneously. The systems are scalable to suit your needs

RapidMade|Production Metal 3D Printers

Live Sinter Software

A software suite that works with all the Metal Printers to optimize the design and production of your parts to ensure the size, functionality and quality are correct every time. Most metal printers require several iterations to dial in the mechanical and dimensional properties of a part. 

Using Live Sinter we dial your part in the first or second print. We can ensure that the stresses within the part and the mechanical properties of the part meet your requirements and that the your fully dense or latticed part will be printed within your specifications for geometric tolerance.

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