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RapidMade, Inc.
15883 Southwest 72nd Ave
Tigard, OR 97224
United States of America
3D Printing Company
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Our Team

General Email:     Phone: (503) 943-2781

New Project Quote Requests:

VP of Sales: Micah – – Ext. 102

3D Printing Sales: Andrew –  – Ext. 101

Equipment Sales: Mark – – Ext. 106

Existing Orders:

Shipping / Receiving: Anne – – Ext. 103

Gina – – Ext. 110

Robert – – Ext. 109

Accounting: Michelle – – Ext. 107

Purchasing/Scheduling: Kerrie – – Ext. 108

Production: Lizz – – Ext. 104

Made in the USA

We provide all engineering, design, and product manufacturing services at our location in Portland, OR. Our team is large enough to handle complex and fast-production orders but small enough to maintain a customer and quality-focused approach.

Trusted by Over 5,000 Businesses Worldwide

How Our Custom Quote Process is Different

At RapidMade, we understand that behind every request for quote is a unique project with its own set of complexities and aspirations. That’s why we don’t rush this process; instead, we dedicate the necessary time and expertise to ensure that every aspect of your project is carefully considered. Even though we take the time to consult with engineering and fully understand your job we have a commitment to return most quotes within 24 hours. If we do not, we commit to giving you feedback or additional follow up questions in that time. Occsionally we have extraordinary circumstances where we cannot meet that commitment – sometimes the demand for our services is simply too great. We want to provide additional value for complex projects in comparison to our instant quote tool.

Here’s what you can expect:

1. Tailored Response: Your project isn’t just another job for us. Our team of experts, including seasoned engineers and manufacturing specialists, thoroughly analyze your designs, material choices, and intended applications. This enables us to provide a quote that’s not only competitive but precisely tailored to your project’s specific needs. Every manual quote is accompanied by an email with detailed feedback, outlining the nuances of the process and materials and potential necessary design changes or risks.

2. Technical Insight: Our sales team are not just order takers and yes-men but actual technical experts. Micah, one of our founders and VP of sales is intimately involved in the quoting process and is one of the most knowledgeable manufacturing subject matter experts on the planet. Our in-depth understanding of various manufacturing techniques, from 3D printing and CNC machining to thermoforming and comprehensive engineering services, allows us to offer insightful recommendations. We might suggest alternative materials or slight modifications to your design that could improve functionality, reduce costs, or enhance production efficiency.

3. Partnership Approach: We view every quote as the beginning of a partnership. Custom manufacturing works best when vendor and customer develop a relationship. Its important for standard to be set and understood through repeat orders. Every company is unique! Our commitment is to guide you through the manufacturing process, offering support, transparency, and communication at every step. We’re not just about making parts; we’re about making your vision a reality.

4. Quality Assurance: As we prepare your quote, our team is already thinking ahead to the production phase. We follow stringent quality control protocols aligned with ISO-9001 standards to ensure that the final product meets your expectations and our high-quality benchmarks. Highly regulated companies like aerospace and medical are taken into consideration for the additional documentation and standard necessary.

5. Timeliness & Cost-Effectiveness: We balance the need for a swift response with our commitment to accuracy and detail. RapidMade is known for competitive pricing and rapid turnaround times, but not at the expense of quality or customization. If we have enough information and the job is straightforward we commit to turning manual quotes within 24 hours. If jobs are very complex or require additional information we commit to contacting you within 24 hours to with follow up questions or explanation of the additional research and coordination we need to do to get you the best quote.

By choosing RapidMade, you made the right choice! You’re opting for a service that values precision, expertise, and customer satisfaction above all else. We appreciate your patience as we prepare your custom quote, and we look forward to being a part of your project’s success.