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By Micah Chaban

I will be investing significant time in updating the engineering content on our website to better assist customers in their understanding of our processes. Things like technical overviews and design guidelines. I really want to continue to grow this site into a general manufacturing knowledge resource for the services we provide.

I will be posting new and updated content to this page for easy reference.

First Releases of December:

A long overdue deep dive manual for our HP Jet Fusion system – our single biggest seller by volume.

  1. HP Jet Fusion: Transforming Design and Manufacturing
  2. How does the Jet Fusion work?
  3. MJF Materials Deep Dive (Market wide, not just ours)
  4. MJF Design Guide (Incredible resource!)
I hope these resource help you get more out of your MJF prints. If we follow the design rules outlined here the product will come out right the first time. As always we invite you to have a dialogue with us before we make your parts.
RapidMade | Publishing website updates: engineering resources!

Micah is Vice President of Sales and Marketing and cofounder at RapidMade, Inc. He has been in the guts of industrial 3D printers before overseeing a national sales expansion. During 13 years of manufacturing he has seen it all, and still works late hours answering emails and updating the website.