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High Speed DLP Plastic Printers

High Speed DLP Resin Printers are a versatile alternative to injection molding and machining for low to medium volume plastic parts. 

RapidMade offers a complete range of High Speed DLP Array printers that can produce production grade engineered material parts at size and at competitive costs compared to injection molding, casting or machining. From the entry level EOne and the mid Range EOne XL to the Xtreme 8K you can select a printer with the capacity suited to your exact needs.

Materials include engineered ABS, polypropylene, medical grade plastics, elastomers and foams.

Our complete solution includes printers, post processing and software to optimize part quality and minimize operating costs.

Plastic 3D Printers We Offer

RapidMade|High Speed DLP Resin Printers

EOne, EOne XL, and PK4

Low volume production (1-100 parts) DLP printer. The EOne is the ideal entry point for customers looking for low volume production (1-100 parts) per batch.  Ideal for small shops, tooling, replacement parts, high customization, quick-turn development and prototyping.

Need more capacity, the EOne XL is ideal for mid volume production (50-200 parts). Both versions run a range of materials including engineered ABS, high temperature materials, polypropylene, medical grade plastics.”

Need ultra small or very high resolution parts ask us about the PK4 which has the finest part detail and resolution in the industry, great for those specialty applications.

RapidMade|High Speed DLP Resin Printers

Xtreme 8K

The largest production grade DLP printer in the world. Ideal for continuous production (1-1,000 parts) and large parts (16in). Materials include engineered ABS and polypropylene. Uniquely able to print a range of elastomers and foams. 

The Xtreme 8K uses a new bottom down approach to resin printing in conjunction with multiple overhead DLP arrays. This reduces the forces produced during printing allowing it to run shear sensitive materials at high resolutions with less finished part clean up. This unique approach also enables the machine to run much larger parts at much higher capacities than was possible before.

RapidMade|High Speed DLP Resin Printers

Software and Post Processing

Our software and post processing technology can be added to any printing system to improve output and quality, and reduce operating costs. 

At high volumes and larger capacities our software enables the best part size and fit match in the industry with the least part stresses and the easiest clean up. For general part clean up and specialty materials we provide a range of post processing equipment that ensure the finished parts meet you part quality, surface finish and engineering property requirements.

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